Where to Set Your Eyes When Looking for an Ecommerce Solution and Great Platform

Where to Set Your Eyes When Looking for an Ecommerce Solution and Great Platform

There is no doubt that the number of choices out there when it comes to ecommerce platforms can be extremely overwhelming and daunting. With so many different reviews, pros and cons and comparisons between different platforms, sometimes it can be very difficult for a person to know what to look for, especially if they are just starting out, so in this article we will help you out with just that.

Look at the themes

The theme is basically what dictates what the physical layout of your commerce will look like and when looking at themes you should really focus on one that can highlight all of the different features that make your business different, but also help your customer navigate the site with ease. When looking at the themes that a certain platform offers, make sure to check if they offer them for free or if they will cost you extra.

Look for mobile support

In a day and age when most people do everything on their phones, even the shopping, it really is a drawback if your ecommerce solution isn’t mobile-friendly. Every platform comes with its own features that turn a regular website into a mobile-friendly one, the difference is that some of them do it automatically, while others allow you more control over the whole process. When deciding, see which added applications are offered and how they will let you control the mobile design of your website. A mobile-friendly website is key to having a successful e-commerce platform.

Check the price and check for transaction fees

Prices of platforms vary depending on which one you for as well as of the type of plan you decide to use. When looking at the prices, you need to take into consideration all of the extra costs like themes, extra features, extra tools and so on since those really have a way of adding up over time and significantly upping the price. Another thing you need to see is if the provider requires you to pay transaction fees or not. This is an expense that is charges based on how you sell your products on your ecommerce store and which payment methods you use and also varies from platform to platform.

Know your strengths

If you are someone that is good with technology, writing codes and so on, then you will be good with whatever platform you choose. However, if this is not your forte, then you definitely need to check out how difficult it would be to use the particular platform you are interested in. You also need to see how difficult it would be to add features or plug-ins and whether you will be able to arrange the layout to your liking and so on. If you find that it is too complicated for you and you are not willing to pay someone to do it for you, then we suggest you move on.

It never hurts to have a guide line or a sort of list to look at when shopping, and since you will basically be shopping for a platform, hopefully the list we have created will be able to help you choose the best platform for your ecommerce business. If there is one advice that we can give you is to really evaluate your business and its needs, and simply go from there.

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